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La tournée américaine de s’est achevée vendredi dernier au club Mezzanine de San Francisco. Nous avons traversé les Etats Unis d’Est en Ouest, depuis New York jusqu’aux côtes californiennes, et nous avons été conquis par ce fabuleux pays. Je tenais vraiment à saluer toutes les personnes qui nous ont accueillis! Merci donc à nos amis de , Jay et Susan à New York, pour leur gentillesse. Un grand merci aussi à Dustin et Kalen qui nous ont fait vivre deux journées fantastiques à Chicago! A Los Angeles, c’est toute l’équipe de (Josh, Kyle, Valerie) que je tiens à féliciter pour leur superbe soirée passée aux côtés de . Enfin, à San Francisco, merci à Alex et pour tous les moments uniques qu’ils nous ont fait vivre !

Si un titre devait illustrer ce voyage, ce serait certainement ce remix de réalisé pour le groupe italien . Et parce que aime vous offrir des bonus, je suis heureux de vous présenter en exclusivité, le tout premier remix du titre ” She Never Came Back ” de et par ! A bientôt après notre tournée Australienne qui débute la semaine prochaine à Adelaide …

The American tour ended last Friday, with a show at club Mezzanine in San Francisco. We crossed United States From East to West, from New York to the Californian coast, and we were completely taken by this fabulous country. We’d like to say a big thank you all the people who welcomed us on our journey! Firstly, thank you to our friends at , Jay and Susan in New York, for all their kindness. A thank you also to Dustin and Kalen who gave us two fantastic days in Chicago! In Los Angeles, it’s the team (Josh, Kyle, Valerie) which we are keen to congratulate for their magnificent party that we shared with . Finally, in San Francisco, thanks to Alex and for all the unique moments which we enjoyed!

If a track had to illustrate this trip, then it would have to be this remix by for the Italian group . And because likes offering you extra bonus, I am happy to present you exclusively, the very first remix of “She Never Came Back” by by and ! See you soon on our Australian tour which begins next week in Adelaide…

  1. Bradley D! on Wednesday 4, 2009

    Ahhh Keenhouse!! DEFINITELY one to watch for ’09! So many good sounds coming out of that single roland keyboard :)

  2. Kalen on Wednesday 4, 2009

    It was a pleasure guys. Have fun in aus and hope to see you again soon!

  3. chellie_d on Wednesday 4, 2009

    I have loved listening to Valerie over the last year, and now I am so excited that you’re coming to Adelaide! So, so, so happy! See you soon!

  4. TNUC on Wednesday 4, 2009

    Yesssss, I was just driving home from work thinking damn I havn’t heard an Outrunners track in forever!


  5. ANORAAK on Wednesday 4, 2009

    And more, a big thanks to Margherite and Vanessa for hosting and riding me in NYC, and putting up my music on the american blogs one year ago

  6. Anonymous on Wednesday 4, 2009

    Very kind words! America loves Valerie!

    I would suggest more dates in the U.S.

  7. Telstar Ranger on Wednesday 4, 2009

    Survivor par Saint Pauli!

  8. flobou on Wednesday 4, 2009

    rah vous devez kiffer la life les gars :D


  9. Anonymous on Wednesday 4, 2009

    The Valerie group has really given fresh air to a sound that reminds me of my youth. I love what im hearing across the world.

  10. Thomas on Wednesday 4, 2009

    and thanks Vanessa & Margherite in Brooklyn.
    We'll be back

  11. Tobias on Wednesday 4, 2009

    Congrats Valerie. You got everybodys eyes on you right now. I wish you good luck!

    /Tobias @

  12. Dwix on Wednesday 4, 2009

    haha i talked with a friend who maked me discover Keenhouse, saying we love the musicality of his tracks.

    for people who hasn’t the chance to follow the aussie tour, remember The Outrunners will play live friday 20th february in Paris. See you there !

  13. pyow on Wednesday 4, 2009


    how do i get tickets to Sydney show?

  14. Oscaa. on Wednesday 4, 2009

    Mel-bourne identity is gonna go off!!!

  15. Anonymous on Wednesday 4, 2009

    You left out Brisbane…

  16. Anonymous on Wednesday 4, 2009

    this remix is fantastic, but everyone MUST check out the original Survivor track. It is breathtaking :)

  17. Mathew Merryweather on Wednesday 4, 2009

    WOW. Your Sydney gig was AMAZING!!! Just epic, the whole thing!

  18. Captain Groovenuts Blog on Wednesday 4, 2009

    Hi guys

    Just wondering where I can find the details of your aussie tour?

    Please tell me your comming to the sunny city of perth we’d love to have you

    cheers !


  19. Captain Groovenuts Blog on Wednesday 4, 2009

    Fuck i wish I could read properly!

    sorry seems as though I’ve had my head in the clouds and mist you guys, sorry

    hope you had a blast !

  20. Vacartu on Wednesday 4, 2009

    Est-ce qu’il y a aucun place ou je peux trouver tout cette musique la? C’est magnifique! Moi, j’en veux. S’il vous plait?