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Cette semaine, la Party qui se déroulera à la sera l’occasion d’apprécier le tout premier live européen de nos amis canadiens . Pour vous faire partager cet évenement, nous proposons aux vingt premières personnes qui enverront un mail sur de faire partie de la guest list. Pour info, l’édition spéciale de leur Ep sera en vente exclusive pendant la soirée. Le plateau sera également complété par les live et dj-set de , et . En attendant vendredi, je vous propose une escapade sonore intitulée “The Secret Diary Mix” qui fait suite au “Teenage Color Mix” et vous plongera un peu plus dans l’univers de .

This week, the Party which will be held in the will be an opportunity to appreciate the very first European live date for our Canadian friends . To celebrate this event, the first twenty people to send an e-mail to will be put down on the guest list. Also the special edition of ‘s EP will be for sale exclusively during the evening. The lineup will be completed by a live and dj-set from , and . And while we wait for Friday, I give you a sonic adventure called “The Secret Diary Mix ” which follows upon ” The Teenage Color Mix ” and will plunge you a little deeper more the universe of .

  1. Julien on Wednesday 8, 2009

    bon sang Coeur de pirate ça déboite comme remix ! j’espère que vous le passerez ce soir les mecs !

  2. Papin on Wednesday 8, 2009

    hello people

    can somebody tell me the name of this anoraak song in this live video clip here on youtube?

    I have not heard this anoraak song before, is it a new one?! Or is not release yet?

    I really want this song! if anybody know, please write on here in the comments!
    this music is superb!
    merci beacoup friends!

  3. Cheeseandfine on Wednesday 8, 2009

    hi we love your blog!! hope u can visit it us too
    best music in town

  4. Moonlight Rambler on Wednesday 8, 2009

    omg loose shus and legowelt plus collage and anoraak. tasty

  5. benjamin on Wednesday 8, 2009

    Traquer la liste s’il vous plaît ?

  6. Anonymous on Wednesday 8, 2009

    Super cool

  7. LM on Wednesday 8, 2009

    The Loose Shus remix of Fantasy Park is awesome! Looking forward to its release.