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C’est avec la beauté féline de que j’ai choisi d’illustrer la musique des . Ce groupe australien de Melbourne a décidé de prolonger l’histoire du Rock FM dans sa plus pure tradition. Tous les ingrédients sont là : guitar hero, synthés, cheveux longs, le tout réuni autour d’une production qui soigne son esthétique. En bonus, le très efficace nouveau remix de pour , l’occasion pour moi de vous rappeller sa tournée Australienne qui débute vendredi, à Perth!

It’s with the feline beauty of that I choose to illustrate the music of . This Australian group from Melbourne decided to prolong the history of the glam/hair metal wave in its purest tradition. All the ingredients are there: guitar hero solos, synths, long hair, and all wrapped up in a very solid production. In bonus, we have the very effective new remix of for , the opportunity for me to remind you that Russ’s Australian tour kicks off this friday in Perth!

  1. martin ley on Thursday 6, 2009

    So Frais !!!

  2. on Thursday 6, 2009

    g1 transformers, hair metal rock and disco synths, i hope i ain’t dreaming – this gotta be real!!!

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  4. on Thursday 6, 2009

    right up my alley.


  5. on Thursday 6, 2009

    Sweet track, love how ridiculously upbeat and energetic it is.

  6. Almanac on Thursday 6, 2009

    Everytime I see Grace Jones, I always think of Conan the Destroyer. Man I love that flick.

    Can’t believe Russ is playing a One Love party in Melbourne, but I dig him enough to go anyway!

    Love the blog guys. Keep up the good work.

  7. on Thursday 6, 2009

    entube con kris menace en razzmatazz fue la caña

  8. on Thursday 6, 2009

    galvatron’s other tracks are better! find ‘she’s in love’, ‘cassandra’ and ‘when we were kids’. they could have done transformers 2 some justice.

  9. byombyom on Thursday 6, 2009

    Russ’ss mix = radish. Countless leaping heel clicks, hand claps, and power lunges just trying to keep up. Love you Dr. Chimes.

  10. on Thursday 6, 2009

    Putain Galvatrons on dirait les Units

  11. on Thursday 6, 2009

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  12. ValerieisLove on Thursday 6, 2009

    This is Amaaazzziiinngggg! Great work. 8D

  13. on Thursday 6, 2009

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