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Le 11 juillet dernier, une partie du Collectif était à Barcelone, au , pour la dernière date des soirées dédiées à la sortie de notre compilation. A cette occasion, les ont eu la bonne idée d’enregistrer leur prestation, un bon moyen de revivre, pour certains, et de découvrir, pour d’autres, un excellent mix de près de 2H! Et en super cadeau bonus cette semaine, le génial nous fait la surprise de nous offrir son nouveau titre très estival, “Shine Sweet Freedom”.

On July 11th this year, part of the Collective was in Barcelona, at Club , for the last party dedicated to the release of our first compilation. Before the performance, had the crafty idea to record their performance, a good means to relive the night for us, and for others to discover. What came out was excellent 2 hour mix, and as a  bonus this week, the brilliant surprises us by offering us his new summer track, “Shine Sweet Freedom”.

  1. Mr▲Softee on Thursday 20, 2009

    is there a tracklist?

  2. ••••••• on Thursday 20, 2009

    excellent mix
    y’aurait moyen d’avoir le titre du track @ 29:10 ?

    merci d’avance

  3. on Thursday 20, 2009

    Outrunners cannot be beat!!

    these golden phantoms need to book a show in Southern California…..and bring along College, Chimes and Electric Youth while your at it !

  4. Yan_Louk on Thursday 20, 2009

    Comme d’hab, que du bon son…

    Le “Forbidden colors” d’ouverture est-il un remix propre pour le live ou une version déjà existante?

  5. Ryan on Thursday 20, 2009

    Pau’s song are great! Very dancy stuff.

  6. James on Thursday 20, 2009

    Please, please, please can we have the tracklist!

  7. Megzy on Thursday 20, 2009

    yess may i please see the track list

  8. on Thursday 20, 2009

    please!!!! Outrunners thacklist… please!!!

  9. on Thursday 20, 2009

    Paul – Shine Sweet Freedom is choice!

  10. on Thursday 20, 2009

    01 – CFCF – Forbidden colours (Cover)
    02 – Electrick Dragon – Davorite
    03 – Stephen Falken – Visions
    04 – Kano – Ibeya Seki
    05 – Solid Strangers – Vision (of the night)
    06 – Chris Luis – The heart of
    07 – Alden Tyrell – Hills of Honolulu
    08 – Alisha – Baby talk
    09 – Supermal – Light years (Lifelike Discopolis remix)
    10 – Paul – Somewhere
    11 – Club 84 – Sophie
    12 – La Toya Jackson – He’s a pretender
    13 – Maethelvin – Delight (demo)
    14 – White label
    15 – Dead or Alive – You spin me round (Performance mix)
    16 – Telex – Moscow disco
    17 – Patrick Cowley – Megatron man
    18 – Russ Chimes – Mulsanne
    19 – Codebreaker – Follow me (The Outrunners remix)
    20 – Lifelike – So electric
    21 – VHS or Beta – Burn it all down (Fred Falke remix)
    22 – Lifelike – Adventure
    23 – Gwen Stefani – What you waiting for ? (Jacques Lu Cont remix)
    24 – Sedat the Turkish Avenger – Sunrise

  11. on Thursday 20, 2009

    Très bon mix!

  12. on Thursday 20, 2009

    i want an outrunners t-shirt, please make one… or two

  13. Zombie Man on Thursday 20, 2009

    Mythological mix from The Outrunners. Would love to see an EP from Paul, his music is Amazing! Thanks for posting.

  14. Mr▲Softee on Thursday 20, 2009

    maaaaaan we’ve got the tracklist directly from Pierre De La Touche !!!
    anyway, thanks to Valerie for giving us this and for letting me lighten up my small and boring city with some very cool and fresh tunes…

    4 TNUC: man, you and your blog freakin’ rock as well

  15. on Thursday 20, 2009

    Wow, fantastic mix, I can’t stop listening to it. Love the Blade Runner pic, too.

  16. on Thursday 20, 2009

    Such a great one!!! starts slow and buildssssssss. Outrunners are really improving with each mix!

  17. on Thursday 20, 2009

    i think michael mcdonald would indeed approve!

  18. n on Thursday 20, 2009

    yesss!! good set in razzmatazz!!!

  19. Soterius on Thursday 20, 2009

    The best song on the list is no.14 but it just says “White label” I don’t understand… Is that the artist or the song title or does it mean it’s a song from a white label so there is no name??? I really want to get my hands on this song, please help me?

  20. on Thursday 20, 2009

    its crazy how much outrunners dominate. MOAR! MOAR! MOAR!

  21. citystreets on Thursday 20, 2009

    love it