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Après l’engouement suscité par et son génial premier album, c’est au tour de (moitié de ) de nous accompagner cette semaine. Vous l’aurez peut être remarqué, Noël approche et notre ami Suédois arrive avec un cadeau. Il signe en effet spécialement pour un très beau mix intitulé “Ocean of Love”. J’attire par ailleurs votre attention sur le très joli nouvel album “” de toujours disponible.

After the craze caused by and his brilliant debut album, it is in the turn of  (member of ) to accompany us this week.  You will have noticed, Christmas is fast approaching and our Swedish friend arrives with a present for us. He gives exclusively to a very beautiful mix entitled “Ocean of Love”. Let me draw your attention to the very attractive new album of , available now called  ‘‘.


Tensnake – Congolal (Endless Flight)
+ Sally Shapiro – Let It Show (A cappella)
Walter Jones – I Am Loved
Pure Energy – Love Game (Remix)
Sally Shapiro – Love In July (Parker Lewis Remix)
Beni – My Love Sees You (Classixx Remix)
Le Prix – Gully Gully (Unreleased)
Steve Moore – 30,000 Feet Deep
Lazer Crystal – Love Rhombus (Instrumental)

  1. on Thursday 10, 2009

    absolutely loved every bit of this mix. thank you!!!

  2. pierre dans la route on Thursday 10, 2009

    Pure quality mix!

  3. ringtonez666 on Thursday 10, 2009

    great mix – appropriately titled!

  4. on Thursday 10, 2009

    Nice les sons ! Le mec sur la photo, on dirait Franck Dubosc !

  5. Roman on Thursday 10, 2009

    Great, I love this guy!

  6. Deep Space on Thursday 10, 2009

    Le Prix – Gully Gully (Unreleased) – it’s a miracle!
    An unbelievable sound of space disco!
    I want to buy this track!

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  8. Van's on Thursday 10, 2009

    Absolutely love first song !!!!

  9. anna on Thursday 10, 2009

    this is my winter wonderland mix!

  10. Al on Thursday 10, 2009

    Great great mix. Please make more.

  11. on Thursday 10, 2009


  12. on Thursday 10, 2009

    very. very rad

  13. Arno on Thursday 10, 2009

    Le Prix – Gully Gully (Unreleased) is an amazing track!!!
    does someone know where we can find/buy this track?

  14. peter on Thursday 10, 2009

    very nice!

    is there also a downloadable file available?
    sorry for the bothering, would love to listen to this mix on the go 🙂

  15. peter on Thursday 10, 2009

    ah, i missed the link. 🙂
    thanks for this beautiful mix!

  16. Futureman on Thursday 10, 2009

    I loved every single second of this mix, it’s perfect!

  17. on Thursday 10, 2009

    Thanks for all the nice words…to those who asked about Le Prix, it’s still unreleased but the guy is preparing a release. I’m also collaborating with him on a few tracks.