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C’est en parcourant les nouveautés Electro, il y a quelques semaines que je me suis arrêté sur le vinyl ““. Première sortie du jeune label allemand , cette compilation regroupe les quatre artistes , , et . , le boss de cette communauté de talentueux passionnés, à répondu à mon invitation et dirige donc pour vous cette semaine une sélection exclusive qui inclut des titres rares et inédits. Je vous encourage vivement à parcourir qui propose des extraits plus qu’alléchants de leurs futures productions!

In crossing the “Electro” news some weeks ago, I stopped on the vinyl” “. First release of the young German label , this compilation includes four artists , , and . , the boss of this community of talented passionate persons, has answered my invitation and thus manage for you this week an exclusive selection which includes rare and unreleased tracks. I deeply encourage you to visit which proposes more than tempting extracts of their future productions!


01 – Jean-Jacques Perrey & Air – Cosmic Bird [Source Records]
02 – The Mitgang Audio – Binary Life [Suction]
03 – Starcluster Featuring Marc Almond – Smoke & Mirrors (Starcluster Alternative Version) [Aube]
04 – Rude 66 – The 1000 Year Storm [Creme Organization]
05 – Sternrekorder – Geh lieber nie [Astro Chicken]
06 – Hyboid – Multiple Personality Disorder [Astro Chicken, unreleased]
07 – 4mat – Vertical [8bitpeoples]
08 – Ceephax Acid Crew – Acid Le Soken [Breakin’]
09 – CiM – RN.a [Delsin]
10 – Hyboid – Vogon Poetry [Astro Chicken]
11 – Starlight Hammer Sounds – Turrican 2 [Astro Chicken]
12 – DMX Krew – Good Ol’ Daze [Rephlex]
13 – Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Stock Exchange Woman [Gigolo]
14 – Experimental Products – Glowing in the Dark [Gigolo]
15 – Christian Bruhn – Captain Future O.S.T. – Planet der Kranken [Colosseum]
16 – Risk Risk – Wake up [Astro Chicken, unreleased]
17 – Telebot – Disco Dump [Astro Chicken]
18 – Sternrekorder – Es geht die Fahrt dahin [Astro Chicken, unreleased]

  1. on Friday 1, 2010

    exzellent! danke! <^

  2. on Friday 1, 2010

    euphorie-thanx-i like i like

  3. on Friday 1, 2010

    When downloading this I was thinking this is going to be good. Everything from Valerie is good! But I’m sorry this isn’t good… This is bliss! It’s so amazing I can’t put it into words. I would never have found these great tracks by my own. Thank you Hyboid and Valerie! Please keep it up 😀

  4. on Friday 1, 2010

    One of the best vintage electro mix that I ever heard…Thanx and keep on believing !

  5. erik vgame watt on Friday 1, 2010

    this is one of the best of the whole year.great. love it

  6. Ernie on Friday 1, 2010

    Amazing. Weirdly enough, I originally thought it was a series of tracks from the same producer. There’s a stamp on the whole lot…but yep, best thing I have heard all year, apart from a model telling me how huge I was! Cheers.

  7. FisK on Friday 1, 2010

    One of the mix of vintage electro I ever heard!! totally amazing men!!

  8. on Friday 1, 2010

    am I too late?

    this is awesome.. really like the risk risk track