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En parcourant les dernières sorties du génial label de Danny Wolfers, , l’artiste italien a retenu toute mon attention. En effet, son projet semble être un chaînon manquant dans l’adn de la musique électronique contemporaine, un lien remarquable entre des influences acid et techno nord américaine et des moments mélodiques emprunt d’une nostalgie mystique et intemporelle. La richesse prodigieuse de son univers se prolonge aussi dans des programmes vidéos démentiels qu’il développe avec son label .  , et bien sûr sont des sources d’émerveillement artistiques comme on en rencontre rarement sur la toile. Cette semaine, il signe pour une sélection exclusive qui guidera votre esprit à travers les multiples facettes de sa création.

By crossing the last release of the Danny Wolfers’s brilliant label, , the Italian artist quite held attention. Indeed, his project seems to be a missing link in the DNA of the contemporary electronic music, a remarkable mix between  acid and north American techno influences and melodic moments loan of a mystic and timeless nostalgia. The prodigious wealth of its universe also goes on his insane videos broadcast which he develops with his own label . Its , and of course are many sources of delight artistic as we rarely meet it on the internet. This week, he signs for an exclusive selection which will guide your mind through the multiple facets of its creation.

“I imagine one would listen to this mixtape coming back home from a party, and would slowly pass from dancing, to mind dancing, to just relax and fall asleep…”


Dow Jones – Just a techno groove
S’Express – Superfly Guy (The Fluffy Bagel Mix)
Pleasure Zone – I can’t understand
Phuture – Your Only Friend
Pleasure Zone – Fantasy
Polysick – Unreleased#1
Dancer – Boom Boom

Polysick – Unreleased#2
Polysick – Unreleased#3
Stakker – Eurotechno
Polysick – medley from Meteo
Polysick – Smudge Hawaii
Drexciya – C To The Power Of X + C To The Power Of X = MM = Unknown

Jean-Pierre Decerf – Surrounding Seas
Roberto Cacciapaglia – 3rd Movement
Iasos – Formentera sunset clouds
Polysick – Juno
TheAwayTeam – Drift
The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld
Autechre – Nine
Steve Roach – Structures from silence
Gustav Holst – Neptune / Paul Lansky – Word Color

  1. Michael on Tuesday 1, 2011

    Picture is so amazing!

  2. on Tuesday 1, 2011


  3. PROTOVISION on Tuesday 1, 2011

    Strangelife roxx the scene.

  4. Blaker on Tuesday 1, 2011

    Glad you guys found Polysick! I discovered him (?) through Com Truise’s blog a while back.

    This mix is a refreshing change, I love that it is in 3 distinct movements, yet it flows together wonderfully.

  5. Carl on Tuesday 1, 2011

    Didn’t appreciate this mix in the beginning but now I do after playing it several times.

  6. Fabio Brod on Tuesday 1, 2011

    Energetic and luminous techno. I love this guy.